5 Vital Prostate Cancer Symptoms

There are very few people who know about prostate cancer. This disease is increasing day-by-day amongst men. Today, prostate cancer is considered as one of the common cause of deaths in men. The worst part of this disease is it cannot be diagnosed at an early stage and by the time the cancer is diagnosed it has spread throughout the body. So, it is very important to know the symptoms of prostate cancer so as to prevent it in early stage.

Prostate cancer affects the overall wellness of any person. It decreases the energy level, affects the social life and also the sexual life of an individual. If any person is well aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer, he would definitely visit a doctor to treat this frightening ailment. Just like other cancers, prostate cancer is also a life threatening disease.

So, prostate cancer also has many symptoms just as several other diseases. Generally males with age above 50 years are prone to this disease. Below discussed are five vital prostate cancer symptoms so that people detect this deadly disease at an early stage.

  • Difficulties during urination: This is the most common prostate cancer symptom. There is difficulty in urination because the prostate and the bladder are very close to each other. As a result the tumor that occurs on the prostate pushes the bladder, thus, causing difficulty in urination.
  • Presence of blood in urine: This prostate cancer symptom should not be ignored. If any person sees blood in urine then he must immediately consult a doctor. Although, it is not necessary that this symptom is of cancer, it can also be due to other urinary infections. However, in any case early check-up is always sensible.
  • Difficulties during erection: Prostate cancer can also affect sexual and personal life of a person because of the difficulties during erection. There is inability to maintain and get an erection. Even sometimes men experience very painful ejaculation. This prostate is a vital part of male reproductive system. So, if it has problem then it would also influence other sex organs of the body.
  • Legs begin to swell: People might think that why there is swelling of legs in cancer patients. The reason behind is as the disease progresses it spreads to lymph nodes. Due to this there results leg swelling. Many times, the buttocks and hips also experience severe pain because of this legs swelling.
  • Pelvic discomfort: This is also considered as a prostate cancer symptom. There is severe discomfort and pain on the pelvis. This is due to the affected lymph nodes. These lymph nodes press the pelvis, thereby causing pain.

Hence, in order to avert prostate cancer it is very important to keep in mind the above discussed symptoms. It is best to go and consult a doctor immediately in case you experience any of these symptoms. Only a doctor would properly diagnose about the disease and start the treatment before it gets even worse.

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